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Hiring and Payroll Management

Our approach to hiring and payroll management allows us to hire employees who are ideal for carrying out activities you are not able to execute in house. This is done in strict compliance with the law, which results in healthy work relationships.

We provide the following and additional services so that we can meet all of our client's potential needs:

• Opening bank accounts for direct deposit
• Handling all social security filings and procedures
• Managing payroll
• Paying employee salaries and wages accurately and on time
• Handling employee termination, including the calculation of
• Filing taxes
• Collecting payroll signatures on site

We understand how important your human capital is. For this reason, we are happy to handle contract signing and induction training as well as define shifts, wages, and benefits, including social security, retirement funds, and housing funds, year-end bonuses, vacation leave, and vacation bonuses in accordance with law.

In order to provide our clients with the feeling of security they deserve, we maintain close contact with various law firms and accounting firms that provide us with constant feedback on our operations and keep us apprised of legal developments so that we provide all of our services in strict adherence to law.

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